Hydrangea Project – Hassocks

This was one of the first projects which I was fortunate enough to work on. A wonderful family in Hassocks asked me for advice on creating a border with little maintenance and to hide some of the low fencing. They also have young children, so they wanted it to be easy but look good and nature loving to encourage bees and wildlife etc.

The first stage was to measure up and assess the soil to see if the conditions were ok for these type of hydrangeas (we used a beautiful variety called Limelight or Hydrangea paniculate) – a beautiful dome like white flower with intense colouring: the leaves are yellow-green, stems grey-green with pink flushers, and the large flowers are green, fading to creamy white before turning pink in the autumn.

So, the first phase was to measure up and to cut into the grass to and create a nice, curved border:

We then enriched the soil with some peat free compost and positioned the hydrangeas, before planting them. We gave them a good soak and then carefully planted each one, together with plant food and water. We make sure we also leave our customers with maintenance plans too.