I’m Kate, the mindful gardener

I’ve had a passion for flowers, shrubs, fruit, and veg growing for many years.

During the first lockdown and whilst I was on furlough, I had the opportunity to spend time at my allotment – I spent several hours a day there – the soil made me feel calm and the light gave me energy and hope. I was able to focus on the present and the future. The planting and gardening made me feel calm and supportive.

With that feeling, I then started to think about what I really wanted to do and what makes me happy grounded and content – that was gardening! I wanted to give back to others how I felt. Many of our clients are elderly and some are lonely, housebound, and bereaved. I wanted to make them feel special and hopeful. I began to create a space for them to either sit or look at, from their window – they could see bulbs peeping and growing into amazing colours and fragrances. This gave them hope. Some of our customers garden alongside us and it’s been great therapy.

I also use gardening to help with mental health conditions such as bereavement and stress. Having had to deal with grief myself on a few occasions, I always had gardening as my go to helpline – somehow it makes me feel relaxed with also making me focus on the present and being outside with nature certainly makes me feel calm and happy. I like to help others feel confident and happy about their garden. For me, it’s also a source of mindfulness.

Since I started the business in March 2021, the business grown, and we now have a small team of 4 gardeners who are all passionate about the same thing. We support each other and love to continually learn about all the shrubs and nature loving plants.

Customers have fedback on how happy they are (see testimonials) and it gives me great pleasure in knowing that they feel more confident to do a little bit of weeding and watering whilst enjoying their company on each visit. I’ve volunteered at the Prairie Gardens and completed/working on several gardening courses such as garden design and RHS level 3 – still lots more to do as studying alongside like-minded gardeners inspires me. I was fortunate to also work alongside Juliet Sargeant on her Chelsea Flower Show Garden in 2022 for a week or so – this was an incredible experience. I have a few courses lined up in 2023 at the RHS Garden Wisley.